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Posted by Waterman - August 8th, 2011

Join us August 25, 7:00PM @ The Two Roads Theater in Studio City, CA for Stand Up For The Waterman Movie a one night only stand up comedy event to benefit Leslie Nielsen's final film.

Lineup includes:
Skyler Stone (Raising Hope, Waiting..., The Late Show)
Dash Kwiatkowski
OJ Patterson
Sally DiGirolamo
Jacob Rubin
Ezra Edmond
Andrew Holmgren
Frankie Castro
Robin Higgins
Jesse McGrath
Sam Hunt

Hosted by Wilder Shaw

And a special guest appearance by ME!

Tickets WILL NOT be available at the door, so please visit TheWatermanMovie.com to buy yours now!

Can't wait to see you all there!

"Stand Up For The Waterman Movie"

Posted by Waterman - June 19th, 2011

Join us on Wednesday, June 22nd @ 8:00PM EST for Live From Waterman Studios Presented by Vokle.com. We'll be making a VERY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and taking your questions.

Visit Live From Waterman Studios to RSVP NOW!

Hope to see you there!

Bryan Waterman

Vokle Presents "LIVE From Waterman Studios"

Posted by Waterman - March 16th, 2011

On Monday, March 14, we launched the all new WatermanStudios.com! Aside from a completely new look, the site has many new features including: news and updates on both the Waterman Studios and The Waterman Movie, short films, comics, and even the return of our podcast Almost Everything.

Be sure to check out the all new WatermanStudios.com NOW!

Visit the all new WatermanStudios.com!

Posted by Waterman - June 11th, 2010

Dear NewGrounders,

I have some super exciting news! I have been trying to get my very first full length animated feature film off the ground for some time now. The project is called "The Waterman Movie" and is based on the animated series I started right here on NewGrounds back in 2003 entitled "Waterman". I am honored to announce that the film also stars comedic legend Leslie Nielsen (The Naked Gun, Airplane)! The reason for the film's drastically slow production rate is solely due to its lack of a budget. Recently, however, I have discovered a potential solution. This is where you come in!

"The Waterman Movie" has just been approved to appear on a rather exclusive website called Kickstarter.com. Kickstarter is a site that helps creative individuals acquire the financial backing they need to complete their projects. The way it works is much like a telethon, if you pledge a certain amount of money you receive a reward. For instance, if you pledge $1.00 you're name will appear in the end credits of "The Waterman Movie" under the Kickstarter Backers section, if you pledge $100.00 you'll receive a package that includes an autographed copy of "The Waterman Movie" poster (Leslie Nielsen included). My goal is to make $35,000 in 60 days and if I can reach that goal before the 60 days are up, I will be able to hire a studio to help produce and finish the film. If I do not make the goal, the project will go unfunded. THAT'S the tricky part!

It's a real honor to be featured on Kickstarter.com. This is a project that I, along with many of you, have been dreaming of finishing for a long time, so I'm hoping that you can help by either pledging what you can or by spreading the word to as many people as possible. Here's the link http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wa terman/the-waterman-movie-starring-les lie-nielsen

Thanks so much for your time and consideration!

Very Sincerely,
Bryan Waterman

Please Help Kickstart "The Waterman Movie" Starring Leslie Nielsen!

Posted by Waterman - February 18th, 2010

Hello Newgrounders,

It's been a while since my last submission to Newgrounds. I could go into great detail in regards to where I've been over the last few years OR I could just send you here www.BryanWaterman.com. I would love to hear what you all think! watermansince1984@gmail.com