Please Help Kickstart "The Waterman Movie" Starring Leslie Nielsen!

2010-06-11 12:52:00 by Waterman

Dear NewGrounders,

I have some super exciting news! I have been trying to get my very first full length animated feature film off the ground for some time now. The project is called "The Waterman Movie" and is based on the animated series I started right here on NewGrounds back in 2003 entitled "Waterman". I am honored to announce that the film also stars comedic legend Leslie Nielsen (The Naked Gun, Airplane)! The reason for the film's drastically slow production rate is solely due to its lack of a budget. Recently, however, I have discovered a potential solution. This is where you come in!

"The Waterman Movie" has just been approved to appear on a rather exclusive website called Kickstarter is a site that helps creative individuals acquire the financial backing they need to complete their projects. The way it works is much like a telethon, if you pledge a certain amount of money you receive a reward. For instance, if you pledge $1.00 you're name will appear in the end credits of "The Waterman Movie" under the Kickstarter Backers section, if you pledge $100.00 you'll receive a package that includes an autographed copy of "The Waterman Movie" poster (Leslie Nielsen included). My goal is to make $35,000 in 60 days and if I can reach that goal before the 60 days are up, I will be able to hire a studio to help produce and finish the film. If I do not make the goal, the project will go unfunded. THAT'S the tricky part!

It's a real honor to be featured on This is a project that I, along with many of you, have been dreaming of finishing for a long time, so I'm hoping that you can help by either pledging what you can or by spreading the word to as many people as possible. Here's the link terman/the-waterman-movie-starring-les lie-nielsen

Thanks so much for your time and consideration!

Very Sincerely,
Bryan Waterman

Please Help Kickstart "The Waterman Movie" Starring Leslie Nielsen!


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2010-06-11 12:56:54

ah there you are.

Waterman responds:

Here I am!


2010-06-11 13:08:06



2010-06-11 14:28:08

Leslie Nielsen is an acquired taste. Props on getting the man on-board. I can't believe he's still alive...


2010-06-11 15:05:57

kickstarter doesn't give you the money unless you reach the goal, indiegogo does though in case you don't reach it on kickstarter, just warning you


2010-06-11 16:40:57

Oh wow.

I remember watching this series so long ago. 2003? Yikes.

My $1 is yours!


2010-06-11 21:02:03

I don't mean to be a huge a-hole, but I don't think anybody can justify $35,000 for a flash movie, no matter how long : /


2010-06-17 04:45:58

You've raised almost $5,000 so far. Two people have pledged at least $1,000. If people are willing to donate that much to ensure the existence of this film, wouldn't it be logical to assume there are people willing to animate it for free?


2010-06-18 16:57:36


Sure, but to find someone who CAN animate, is willing to do it for free because they love the series, and conveniently lives close by is a pretty big "if"... Besides, people get a lot of cool stuff if they pitch.

By the way, Waterman, I fricken love you. Yours were among some of the first flashes I've ever watched and I just recently re-watched the entire series. Probably the most underrated series ever. Episode IX is so damn good. I have no doubt that you wouldn't pour your heart out into this movie. I plan to shoot you around $50 assuming my parents let me use their credit card.


2010-07-02 00:29:05

still as lame as it was 7 years ago


2010-07-25 20:57:43

"He's doing that thing where his pupils disappear again", or something along those lines; one of the greatest laughters of my life.

Good luck with the project, funds are looking good, but not too good. I'd suggest working on spreading the word more. Twitter, Facebook, forums, talk to Tom about a Front Page on here, or a news post. I can VERY much see Tom talking about you raising funds and posting a link to the kickstart page, send him a PM ASAP. Overall, it looks like you need a bit more boost to reach your goal, get going on that PR work!


2010-07-28 01:17:12

Love the series, love what your doing, and defiantely will pledge for this.

Good Luck!


2010-07-29 02:14:30 erman-Movie/147960255214152?ref=ts
Join the fan page of The Waterman movie and spread the word!!!


2010-07-30 19:32:26

So how did you get Leslie Nielsen?? Did you pay him or did you know him from before this? Well kudos on getting to voice the movie anyways but can you please provide an explanation?


2010-08-02 04:20:54

how the hell did you get leslie nielsen to voice this monstrosity of bad writing and design


2010-08-08 23:02:59

Congratulations on raising all the money necessary before the deadline!


2010-11-28 21:06:39

rip leslie nielsen


2010-11-28 21:24:06

^yeah I guess that's gonna throw a wrench, huh


2010-11-28 23:17:14

I really hope you and Leslie were able to record all the audio you needed for the movie, it would be great to see this movie come to life after his death, in memory of him. RIP Leslie Nelson.


2010-11-29 00:03:47

Wow, I was really surprised to see that Leslie Nielson passed today. If this was the last piece of work he acted in, I hope you do a good job.


2010-11-29 04:18:14

How does Leslie Nielsen's death affect the Waterman Movie? Or does it??


2010-11-29 15:41:24

He's dead. Sucks to be YOU.


2010-12-07 08:37:32

^well, perhaps you speak too soon.
If Nielsen already did the work, this could end up being an epic, perhaps very successful tribute.