Entry #1

Hello Newgrounders!

2010-02-18 13:43:13 by Waterman

Hello Newgrounders,

It's been a while since my last submission to Newgrounds. I could go into great detail in regards to where I've been over the last few years OR I could just send you here www.BryanWaterman.com. I would love to hear what you all think! watermansince1984@gmail.com


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2010-02-18 13:52:22

Squid n' Sandwich

Waterman responds:

Do you like?


2010-02-18 13:53:27

You're.....still alive? Well I'll be. How was life on the outside?

Waterman responds:

Hey there! Alive and well :) Life is treating me very well thanks!


2010-02-18 13:59:12

How much longer until the Waterman Movie?

Waterman responds:

I know it's been a long time and believe me when I say that there's no one in the world who wants it to be finished more than I do. I'll say this, don't hold your breath, but don't don't give up hope!


2010-02-18 15:42:38

nice job on your lemonade stand short. genuinely funny .

Waterman responds:

Thanks a lot!


2010-02-18 17:52:22

Good to see you're still around! Hopefully we'll see some new stuff from you.

Waterman responds:

Thanks a lot! I might have a project or two in the works.


2010-02-19 01:52:19

you are alive, awesome

Waterman responds:

Yeah it's pretty awesome. I would be super bored if I were dead.


2010-02-19 09:15:52

We would tell you what you've missed on Newgrounds, but there's probably too many things.

Waterman responds:

You're probably right.


2010-02-20 20:55:09

So if the Waterman movie may not happen(judging by your reply to the other guy)will the series still continue or is it done too? And yay you're back!

Waterman responds:

The Waterman Movie will still be produced. The Waterman series itself was set to end with the release of the movie, so as of right now I don't have any plans to continue you. Every once in a while though I get a hankering to start the series up again so who knows!